Pre-training 1 - What to expect in this course

What to expect from this course


This course is for people who are looking at building their first website or rebuilding a website with the right foundations to:

  1. get traffic;
  2. engage your target audience;
  3. automate systems smartly; and
  4. convert new customers.


This course is designed for:

  • entrepreneurs starting their own business
  • small business owners looking to take their business online
  • marketers looking to increase their knowledge of website design and content management systems (CMS)
  • stay-at-home mums or employees starting a side hustle
  • anyone wanting to build their own website

You do not need a lot of technical knowledge - if you know how to use word and powerpoint you will be able to follow the steps - there is NO CODING and support if you do get stuck.


This course is run online. There are instructional video modules for each lecture, plus written content, checklists and support material.

There is a lot of practical exercises to complete at each step, as it is designed to pace you through building your own website.

There is a private Facebook group set up for questions and assistance for all students taking part in the course.


  • Setting smart objectives and a platform that suits your needs
  • How to develop your content pillars
  • Engaging and converting copywriting
  • Designing your assets and content
  • Optimising your content
  • Setting up for user journey and site navigation
  • How to build a website using the WIX platform
  • What is SEO and how to set it up
  • Integrating your social media pages
  • Setting up automation processes - chat, list builder, automated emails
  • Starting a blog
  • Selling a physical or digital product online
  • Reading your traffic analytics



Each lecture contains a combination of the following resources:

  • An instructional video
  • Written theory (this is brief)
  • A practical task (to build your website)
  • Support resources to review
  • An online test

Each of the lecture sections are clearly marked with these headings.

The lectures are designed to be a snackable size so you can bite off chunks at a time. The task (ie homework exercise) will often take longer than the lesson itself. Tasks are shared in the private Facebook group for feedback by peers and support where needed.

You must complete the lessons in order to progress and we highly recommend completing all the tasks along the way as you will need them when we get to eh actual website build.


At the completion of this course you will have the following:

  • Clear objectives and measurable KPIs for your website.
  • Knowledge of how to build, design, integrate and optimise your website.
  • Design tools that allow you to make content like a pro.
  • And a fully functional, optimised website if you complete each of the assigned tasks!
  • Desktop and mobile-designed website.
  • Options: live blog, eCommerce platform.
  • Should you wish, you'll also be able to turn this new skill into a business by building websites for others.
  • As a fruitful faculty graduate, you'll also have access to the private Facebook Group with a network of other inspiring entrepreneurs.

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